Jumat, 11 September 2020

Shay Doran


I’m Shay, it’s an Irish name (also Hebrew), meaning Hawk. At 6ft7 I’m often mistaken for a pro basketball player and expert weather predictor. If that’s what you came looking for, I’m neither.

Though, if you came looking for new techniques to clear your own path & make way for freedom to master your biggest goals in life… you’re in the right place.

Growing up as a kid, the family was everything. Irish blood means family & community. I spent my time listening to stories of far away, mysterious places & reading about the greatest creatures on our planet. I also developed this hustler side, finding ways to make my own cash. Cleaning bins in the neighborhood, taking all the paper rounds I could get my hands on, spending my weekend hours cleaning cars & working in a recycling factory.

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At 15, my Dad was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer, I came out to my parents & decided to drop out of school after exams. It was a pretty crazy time, I had a lot to figure out!

I landed a job in banking at 17, which turned into a very successful career. I achieved many of my financial & work goals, whilst neglecting most of my personal ambitions.

After 11 years of climbing the ladder of eternal corporate life, I could feel a voice telling me the balance wasn’t right & something needed to change. Should I continue knowing the cost? Go to a startup? Become a startup? Should I really give up this career?

In 2018, my Dad passed away. It gave me the absolute wake up call of my life. This was a very emotional & painful time, yet somehow bought complete clarity. Yes or no Shay, do you still want 10+ hours days trying to please everyone, constantly comparing, fixating on salary increases & shrinking my own purpose in life? My answer was no… so I quit.

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From that moment, I learned how to reconnect with what I was actually telling myself & I traveled the world. Me, my backpack, and a notepad. A journey that enables me to learn from the greatest minds on our planet, past & present. From humble Monks in the staggeringly high Tibetan Plateau, to Tribal communities in barren parts of Namibia and new business leaders across in the E7, who have ways of thinking that weren't even close to being on my radar.

The connections & wisdom gave me tools I’d never imagined. Showing me how to clear my own path, focus truly on myself & level up to a space I’d never been in before. Happy, true, focused & moving forward. Now it’s time to share this wisdom & bring together a close community of individuals across the world. Our income rarely exceeds our personal development, so invest in yourself.[]